eighteen November mobile app prototype

an app without an interface

eighteen november

Bill Verplank said that if industrial design was about the ability of designers to give any shape to a product, interaction design is about the ability of designers to give any behavior.

Here I attempted to design a mobile application that is all behavior, and no interface. By presenting the tragic story of a Palestinian family, as told through real time news reporting and social media, in the same channel with the user’s own digital ephemera, the social media updates and text messages, I wanted to better enable empathy, and a sense of the complicated nature of conflict. At the same time communicating that even those who live in these conflict zones somehow learn to carry on their lives.

The application sends notifications through the device, simulating services like Twitter, Facebook, news applications like BBC news and Al Jazeera, the same way you would receive updates about friends, text and chat messages, as well as calendar notifications and emails. Doing so possibly localizes something that is very different from our own experience.

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14:00:00 The sites that we targeted overnight were all positively identified by precise intelligence over the course of months. @IDFSpokesperson
14:01:00 The Solidiers of the Israeli navy are happy shelling on us with their heavy bombs and bullets. #Gaza North @MajedAbusalama
14:02:00 Fact: Hamas is defined as a terrorist group by USA, EU, Canada, Australia, #Israel, Japan & others. #Gaza @IDFSpokesperson
14:03:00 They killed so many persons when they are just walking the streets so we warn people to do not walk for anyreason in #Gaza streets #Safe @MajedAbusalama
14:03:00 2:03 P.M. Rocket alert sounds in Eshkol Regional Council haaretz
14:04:00 2:04 P.M. At least 15 rockets fired at Ashdod haaretz
14:08:00 Air Raid alert Netivot
14:10:00 3 or 4 rockets just took off from #Gaza - @pdanahar. LIVE: http://bbc.in/XRJSks  @BBCWorld
14:11:00 Explosions can be heard from the warships at the moment. #Gaza @WalaaGh
14:15:00 Air raid Alert Ashkelon
14:16:00 Head of Hamas rocket-launching unit Yehiya Bia killed by IAF. Bia was responsible for much of the rocket fire on Israel since the start of the operation.
14:19:00 Residents of building hit by direct rocket strike in #Ashkelon take cover in bomb shelter #Israel #Gaza #Jpo http://instagr.am/p/SLdLVVOdTx/  @Benhartman
14:22:00 A rocket fired from #Gaza fell near a kindergarten in Ashkelon a few minutes ago. It's a good thing that school was canceled for the day. @IDFSpokesperson
14:23:00 Air raid Alert Sderot
14:24:00 A group of #Israel government supporters cheer as they watch #Gaza bombardment from a hill in Sderot http://aje.me/UNeiOR  @AJELive
14:25:00 2:25 P.M. Chief of Staff concludes meeting on assessment of the situation,  instructs IDF to pick up the pace of the strikes on Gaza haaretz
14:28:00 Unusually heavy enemy air traffic over the #Gaza Seaport now. That sounds like the whine of drones, but must be a bunch. #GazaUnderAttack @jncatron
14:28:00 Video: Here's a recap of 5th day of #PillarOfDefense http://youtu.be/M3laaKdmpag  105 rockets hit #Israel today @IDFSpokesperson
14:30:00 Air raid Alert Tel Aviv
14:31:00 2:31 P.M. Due to high volume of calls, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality asks residents to keep entrances to their buildings open in order to allow people to seek shelter when siren sounds haaretz
14:31:00 Breaking: Rocket Sirens Heard over Tel Aviv. Stay Tuned for updates. @IDFSpokesperson
14:36:00 2:36 P.M. Rocket alert sounds in Ashdod. (Israel Radio)
14:41:00 Israeli missile 'error' kills nine members of Gaza family the Week news service
14:42:00 Update: The Iron Dome intercepted the rocket fired from #Gaza toward Tel Aviv a few minutes ago. #IsraelUnderFire @IDFSpokesperson
14:43:00 Air raid Alert Kiryat Gat
14:48:00 2:48 P.M. In press briefing, Foreign Minister Lieberman says a cease-fire is contingent upon a total cessation of fire by all terrorist organizations active in Gaza. haaretz
14:50:00 Air raid Alert Ofakim
14:53:00 When the siren sounded earlier, everyone ran for cover. Our photographer took this photo on a train. #IsraelUnderFire pic.twitter.com/rX9WTn5j @IDFSpokesperson
14:55:00 As IDF strike kills entire family in Gaza, Israel is starting to get in trouble haaretz
14:57:00 Air raid Alert Sderot