GDES 201 Graphic Design 1

Homecoming Buttons & Self Publishing

credit: Asia Lores | Fall 2015

The project:

This project is about working with a single visual idea, exploring the connection we create with hand cut lettering or typography, and recognizing shifts in the availability of production for design. Communicating themes that relate to the Homecoming celebration at South Dakota State, the students use a professional printer to manufacture a small run of buttons.

credit: Whitlee Larson | Spring 2016

The problem:

During the project, students learn about the different ways text and image combine to create meaning. After discussing how text might caption an image, or how an image might elucidate concepts discussed in an editorial article, students work to combine visual themes for SDSU’s Homecoming with a small amount of text in a space that can be very limiting.

credit: Chase Carlson | Fall 2016

The goal:

Students experience, often for the first time, what it’s like to take an idea from sketches to manufacture. Print on demand services represent a major shift in graphic design, and the experience of professional production instills meaning in a project when students may not be ready for client work. Using an outside producer also removes barriers to action after they leave campus when they graduate and print labs are no longer available and subsidized by student fees.

credit: Michael Aasness | Fall 2016
credit: Monaya Hustoft | Fall 2016
credit: Shania Marienau | Fall 2016
credit: Cody Blevins | Spring 2016
credit: Maxwell Lund | Spring 2016
credit: Paige Leafstadt | Spring 2016
credit: Alec Small | Fall 2015
credit: Kayla Collins | Fall 2015
credit: Seth Hartman | Fall 2015