GDES 201 Graphic Design 1

Giants in the Earth

Spring 2014 Edition
Fall 2013 Edition

In this project, students are given text from the novel Giants in the Earth by O. E. Rölvaag and asked to re-imagine the story in a combination of text and imagery that presents the story in a new context. Students read and design a section of the text in a collaborative book created by everyone in the course. I ask them to be deliberate in their visual choices and leave the brief open other than page sizes, and the one stipulation that there be no wagon wheels, dug-out houses, bison or other imagery of the frontier. The message in the story is one of struggle against the elements to succeed, and there are present day parallels that I ask them to draw and editorialize in the pages of the book.

Spring 2014 Edition

credit: Cover Spring 2014

Expected project outcomes:

credit: Inside credits and introduction Spring 2014
credit: Chelsea Siegfried | Spring 2014
credit: Aryn Hollaren | Spring 2014
credit: Aryn Hollaren | Spring 2014
credit: Taylor Olsen | Spring 2014
credit: Heather Ludlam | Spring 2014
credit: Mary Jensen | Spring 2014

Fall 2013 Edition

credit: Cover Fall 2013
credit: Inside credits and introduction Fall 2013
credit: Taylor Steiger | Fall 2013
credit: Spencer Gladis | Fall 2013
credit: Levi James | Fall 2013